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MyDIGITAL is an initiative that represents the Government’s aspirations to transform Malaysia into a digitally-enabled and technology driven high income nation, and a regional lead in digital economy.

Growing Malaysia's
Digital Economy​

MyDIGITAL paves the way forward to fully realise the potential of the innovation and ethical use of 4IR technologies in growing our digital economy and to achieve an inclusive, responsible and sustainable socio-economic development.​

Building a Digital
Inclusive Society​

MyDIGITAL aspires to enable Malaysians to embrace digitalization to improve their quality of life and standard of living, to nurture talents, and become a producer of innovation.


MyDIGITAL adopts a whole-of-nation approach that involves partnerships between the citizens, public and private sectors to realise the aspirations of MyDIGITAL.

MyDIGITAL Aspirations

For Malaysia to become a regional lead in digital economy and to achieve inclusive, responsible and sustainable socioeconomic development.

By harnessing the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) technological advancements, we are seizing the opportunity to lead a transformation that will enhance the collaboration between industries and society, fostering efficiency and synergy. Simultaneously, we aim to safeguard the environment and guide society towards a brighter future.

The Case for Change

Digital-first mindset

The need to have digital-first mindset and higher digital technology adoption across the public sector.

Supportive ecosystem

The need to build a more supportive ecosystem for local enterprises to digitalize.

Quality Infrastructure

The need for better deployment of quality broadband and digital technologies infrastructure.

Future-ready workforce

The need to nurture a future-ready workforce.

Digital divide

The digital divide among income and age groups, and between gender need to be narrowed.

Build trust and ethics

The need to build trust and ethics in using data and technology & increasing awareness on cyber security.

Malaysia Digital Economy Blueprint

Opportunities for Malaysia

Job opportunities for gig and digitally skilled workers

  • The digital economy is creating novel job opportunities, including roles such as network specialists, mobile application developers, date scientists and social network community specialists.
  • Emerging businesses models have also paved way for individuals to engage as gig workers and partake in new opportunities.
New business models offer new products and services

  • Digital technologies have ushered in innovative business models causing disruptions to traditional practices.

  • Physical products and services are increasingly transitioning into the digital realm, as evidenced by the shift from physical books and DVDs in stores to e-books and online streaming services.

  • Cloud computing enpowers businesses to acquire services without the burden of owning and maintaining physical assets.

Expanding market catchment for commercial activities

  • Online business offer avenues to extend market presence both domestically and internationally.

  • Enhanced opportunities for local products to gain exposure and be sold through eCommerce platforms.
Improved public service delivery

  • Digital technologies provide governments with the means to enhance the scope and quality of public services.
  • e-Government portals play a pivotal role in streamlining service delivery, improving efficiency in processes like license applications, tax filing and procurement procedures.

The National Fourth Industrial Revolution Policy

With the National 4IR Policy, action plans and initiatives of various ministries and entities will be aligned in steering the country to achieve a balanced, responsible and sustainable growth by leveraging technological adoption and innovation. The National 4IR Policy advocates the use of technology for good – social, economic and environment.

The rakyat will enjoy improved quality of life. Technologies will be used to achieve better work-life balance, greater convenience, safety and security, job transformation into higher value-add and higher pay, improved social wellbeing and environmental sustainability.
Businesses will become more productive, competitive and innovative in their offerings, business operations and value delivery to the consumers. Conducive doing-business environment that allows more flexibilities for technology innovation will be established to create greater opportunities for integration, or cross-sectoral technology applications.
A technologically-enabled government will provide more efficient, effective and modernised public services. National planning will become more data-driven and intelligent to meet the demands and expectations of the rakyat.


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